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Alcohol Awareness Month


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Alcohol & you

This leaflet clearly explains that drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis will increase the risk of long-term damage to health. 

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IBA Information Pack

The IBA pack provides key information and resources required for practitioners to appropriately identify and respond to alcohol misuse. The pack contains:
         an alcohol screening tool
         a brief advice tool
         an information leaflet
         alcohol unit z-card
         an information booklet which describes Alcohol Treatment and Intervention options in Lambeth

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Drink less alcohol, cut your cancer risk

In this leaflet you can find out about what the research tells us about the link between alcohol and cancer, how to limit your cancer risk from alcohol and how many units of alcohol are in common drinks.

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What's New

Do you have clients with a Long Term Health Condition? Do you think they will benefit from a Self Management Course?


We have a Free Generic Expert Patients Programme (EPP) and a Free Living with Diabetes (LWD) course for Type 2, both only take 15 hours of someone’s time, both are group based with clients being peer supported.


The EPP course is delivered by volunteer tutors who themselves have LTC’s therefore understanding the clients difficult emotions and how they can deal with day to day management of their conditions.  This course takes 6 weeks, 2 and a half hours per week. THIS IS FOR LAMBETH RESIDENTS


The LWD course is delivered by a Health Care Professional (HCP) and a volunteer Facilitator who lives with Type 2 Diabetes.  This course takes 5 weeks, 3 hours per week and includes diabetes specific information.  THIS IS FOR SOUTHWARK & LAMBETH RESIDENTS


Please contact Melanie Francis, Self Management Coordinator for LEIPS on 020 3049 6365 or for more information of courses, course dates, venues and criteria.